Make Your Own Printables by Rhoda Toynbee

Make Your Own Printables

Stop struggling to design custom
planner printables. Make Your Own Printables helps you make creative planners, worksheets, and to-do lists in less time. They fit your style, they fit your current planner, and they fit your budget!
If you’ve always wanted to…
  • Design your own planner pages so you can add to existing planners
  • Save money by creating only the pages you need to be organized
  • Spend time being creative without getting your fingers all sticky or covered in ink
…then this course is for you!

In this 10 module program, I’ve included everything you need to know, including:
  • Setting up an your workspace and creating your first document.
  • Using shapes and quick tools to make beautiful worksheets and planner pages.
  • Choosing the best colors for your planners and their theme.
  • How to use text to create a useful page.
  • Practice printables and worksheets to make with 5 different step-by-step video tutorials.
  • Learn tips and tricks to be a successful planner designer and how to share them with your planner besties.
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Hi, I’m Rhoda, and I created Make Your Own Planner Pages to help people like you design custom planner pages and worksheets. 

I want to help you find the time to be creative (even if it's in a digital format) and to design something that you will love!

Create useful printables for your household.

You know what you need to help organize your household.

You know what type of planner pages you want to add to your latest binder or custom planner.

There are loads of different planner pages and worksheets available online. You can get lost in a sea of them on Pinterest.

Sometimes, you might come across "that one perfect page". But how many other pages did you have to dig through to find it? I'm betting it was more than a handful.

Once you learn to design your own planner pages, worksheets, and printables you won't have to go dig.

You'll open up your design program, grab a few cute pieces of clipart, and VOILA! a ready to print page that is uniquely yours!

You can share if you want to...

You may have all types of planners and printables sketched out. 

So many that you aren't exactly sure what to do with them. 

The beauty of digital designs is that they won't be covering up your craft bench, taking over your bedside table, or becoming fossilized in a stack of books. 

They will stay on your device until you are ready to print them or share them.

And it's okay to share them. Give them away. Sell them. They are your with them what you will.
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An easy way to find creative time.

How many times do you see the pile of craft supplies on your bench and wish you had the time to play?

But you have to run the kids to another appointment. Or you have another sports practice where you will sit on the bleachers (or in the car) while you wait. Dreaming of your creative time.

When you learn to create printable planner pages and worksheets, you only need your laptop! 

No glue. No paper. No messy paints or scraps of paper.

You have the world of design, all of the colors you can dream up, and fun graphics at your fingertips.

Now all you need to do is arrange them on the page.

How giddy and happy does that make you feel?

Learn to make Printables from start to finish.

You need to start at the beginning. This course will start by helping you sett up an your workspace and creating your first document.

As you go through the course, you will learn all the shapes and quick links to tools that will help you make beautiful printables and worksheets.

Once you know the basics for creating, you learn how to find colors to fit your theme or style.

Do you want to create a printable that is festive? There are colors for that.

Do you want to create a refreshing summer planner spread? There are colors for that.

After you have picked your colors, you need to add text to your printable. The course covers how to find the best fonts, where to look for font combinations, and how to create titles and text in shapes!

It's not all about reading and learning. You need to really practice a skill to learn it.

There are 5 step-by-step video tutorials that will walk you through the whole process of designing printables.

When you are finished, you will be given tips and tricks that will help you save your files in an organized way, share them with your planner friends, and re-use them as many times as you wish!

Psst! There are also some resources for great vector art, fonts, and creative inspiration!
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Should You Take This Course?

  • Are you a planner addict who wants to make your own pages and worksheets?
  • Are you looking for a creative outlet that doesn't take up a ton of space?
  • Are you a student that is struggling to find a planner that suits your schedule?
  • Are always looking for that perfect printable, planner spread, bullet journal template, or worksheet and you never seem to find it?
  • Are you sick of not being able to find the exact planner you want?

If you agree with any of the following statements, then this course is what you have been searching for. 

You will be able to confidently create printables of any kind,  no matter what your reason for learning to make them!
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Printables You Can Make with Illustrator:
Weekly Planner Pages
Month-at-a-Glance Pages
Bullet Journal Templates
Household Binders
Emergency Planners
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What Others Are Saying

I am a long time crafter. I love being creative.  I was interested in Rhoda's course on making printables with Illustrator because I like the idea of digital "craftiness".  To me it's just like regular crafting. You make something beautiful and useful from scratch with the help of Illustrator. 

I'm also a blogger and I knew that I could use Illustrator to make pins and opt ins and info products for my audience.

I don't consider myself a very technically savvy person, but I was able to follow along with Rhoda's instructions and got the hang of Illustrator.  The video tutorials really helped pull the reading material together for me.  When I got to those tutorials, that's when everything "clicked".

I was able to replicate all of the pretty printables that Rhoda made and I now I can use those skills to branch out and make my own!
Lifestyle for Real Life
Marybeth S.
I took the “Make your Own Planner Printables” course from Rhoda at Lemony Fizz and was left with not only the skills that I needed to make my own planner but the inspiration to do so.  I am just a beginner using Adobe Illustrator but Rhoda’s course walked me through everything I needed to know step-by-step in a way that was totally understandable and relatable.  Her course was exactly what I needed to get me on my way to making my own printables.  I whole heartedly recommend this course for anyone who wants to start on the road to learning Illustrator and making their own printables.
Sew Very Crafty
Diana Callaghan