Make Your Own Printables

Stop struggling to design custom
planner printables. Make Your Own Printables helps you make creative planners, worksheets, and to-do lists in less time. They fit your style, they fit your current planner, and they fit your budget!
WELCOME! Let's Get Started
Why Make Printables and Why Choose Illustrator
5 mins
Adobe Illustrator
How the Course is Set Up
Unit 1: Creating Your First Document in Illustrator
Creating a New Document
Setting Up Your Workspace
What are Artboards and How do You Use Them?
How do Layers Work?
Basic Illustrator Tools
Unit_1_ Creating_Your_First_Document_in_Illustrator.pdf
4.21 MB
Unit 2: Using Shapes to Design Printables
Shapes: Rectangle
Shapes: Rounded Rectangle
All the Other Shapes
Arrange Objects on a Layer
Arrange Objects by Layers
Group and Ungroup Objects
Double Click to Select in Grouped Objects
Lock and Unlock Single Objects
Lock and Unlock Objects with Layers
5.33 MB
Unit 3: Choosing Colors for Your Printables
Color Panel
Finding Colors and Swatches
Saving Colors to Your Swatches Panel
Recolor an Object or Piece of Artwork
1.6 MB
Unit 4: Designing a Useful Printable
Making User Friendly Designs
White Space for Eye Rest (and Writing)
Alignment Tools
Spacing Tricks
Adding Clipart
Digital Papers (Backgrounds)
4.43 MB
Unit 5: Using Text on Printables
Type (Text) Tool Basics
Text Characteristics
Use the Glyph Palette
1.25 MB
Unit 6: Design Resources to Make it Easier
Using Brushes for Common Shapes
Adding Common Objects to the Symbols Palette
Creative Market for Fonts and Clipart
Deposit Photo for Images and Vector Art
Design Bundles
Font Sites for Personal and Commercial Use
7.34 MB
Unit 7: Vectorize and Rasterize Objects
The Difference Between Vector Objects and Rasterized Objects
Change an Object from Vectorized Art into Rasterized Art
Use Image Trace Features
1.02 MB
Unit 8: Practice Making Printables with Examples
Create Wall Decor Printables
13 mins
Week at a Glance Printable
22 mins
Chore Chart Printable
29 mins
Expense Tracker Printable
20 mins
Printable Gift or Party Tags
23 mins
Unit 9: Tips and Tricks for Success
Create Templates to Speed up Your Workflow
Naming and Saving Your Printable Files (Stay Organized)
Organizing Your Design Elements for Printables
Keyboard Shortcuts for Faster Designing Cheatsheet
114 KB
665 KB
Unit 10: Securing Printables to Share
Different Types of Printables You Can Create with Illustrator
How to Save Printables as a Secure PDF
Ways to Share Your Files with Others
745 KB
Printable Templates
Chore Chart Template
1.01 MB
My Week at Glance Template
650 KB
Expense Tracker Printable Template
648 KB
Succulent Wall Decor Template
2.6 MB
Printable Gift Tags Template
1.35 MB
Printable Calendar Template
962 KB
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