Make Your Own SVG Files

Learn to make SVG files that you can upload, sell, or share. 
WELCOME! First things first...
Why Make SVGs and Why Choose Illustrator
Adobe Illustrator
5 mins
How the Course is Set Up
Unit 1: Creating Your First Document in Illustrator
Creating a New Document
Setting Up Your Workspace
What are Artboards and How do You Use Them?
How do Layers Work?
Basic Illustrator Tools and Keyboard Shortcuts
Keyboard Shortcuts for Faster Designing Cheatsheet
114 KB
Get Creative Project 1: Simple Gift Tags
13 mins
Unit 2: Working with Shapes to Create SVGs
Shapes: Rectangle
Shapes: Rounded Rectangle
All the Other Shapes
Recognize When an Object is Selected
Alignment Tools
Transform Objects
Arrange Objects
Understanding Project Size
Get Creative Project 2: Card with Cut Outs
16 mins
Unit 3: Complex Shapes for Original Figures
What are Anchor Points on a Path?
Curving a Line
Group and Ungroup Objects
Double Click to Select in Grouped Objects
Lock and Unlock Single Objects
Get Creative Project 3: Design a 3D Box
12 mins
Unit 4: Groups and Layers, and Colors for Your SVG
Color Panel
Finding Colors and Swatches
Saving Colors to Your Swatches Panel
You Know About Layers but Should You Use Them?
Create Groups and Layers to Make Cutting Easier!
Adding Clipart
Adding and Using a Font
Get Creative Project 4: Paper Piecing Multicolored Designs
17 mins
Unit 5: Design Theory
Spacing Tricks
Alignment Tools
Reflection Tool
Copyright/Trademarked Phrases and Images
What Images Can You Trace
Cleaning and Simplifying a Traced Image
Get Creative Project 5: Design an Interactive Card
15 mins
Unit 6: Word Art
Type (Text) Tool Basics
Text Characteristics and Choosing the Right Fonts
Use the Glyph Palette
How to Place Type in Shapes
Creating Outlines from Fonts
Flatten Fonts to Use on Print and Cut SVG Designs
Creating Word Art SVGs with a Font Program
Get Creative Project 6: Design a Shirt Decal
16 mins
Unit 7: Drawing Tools for Your Original Designs
Using the Pencil Tool
Using the Pen Tool
How to Use the Path Erase Tool
Tricks to Use the Brush Tool for SVG Files
Get Creative Project 7: Sketch to SVG
23 mins
Unit 8: Modify Shapes and Create Knockouts
Pathfinder Tool
How to Join Shapes
How to Offset Shapes
Understanding Compound Paths
How to Simplify a Design Path
Get Creative Project 8: Create a Text Knockout
18 mins
Unit 9: Design Resources
Using Brushes for Common Shapes
Adding Common Objects to the Symbols Palette
Creative Market for Fonts and Clipart
Deposit Photo for Vector Art
Design Bundles
Font Sites for Personal and Commercial Use
Get Creative Project 9: Alter a Commercial Vector
14 mins
Unit 10: Vectorize and Rasterize Objects
The Difference Between Vector Objects and Rasterized Objects
How to Rasterize (Flatten) Items for Print and Cut
Use Image Trace Features
Get Creative Project 10: Print and Cut Stickers
12 mins
Unit 11: Tips and Tricks for Saving and Sharing Files
Naming and Saving Your SVG Files
Create and Save Smaller SVG Files
Alternate File Formats (files for embroidery machines, etc.)
Organizing Your Design Elements for SVG Designing
Create Templates of Previews
Write up a TOU file to include
Compress/Zip files
Tips on Where and How to Sell your SVG Files
Checklist for Simplifying and Exporting SVG Files
202 KB
Become an Affiliate
Become an Affiliate
Bonus Projects
Print and Cut Card Sample
Fairy Toadstool Card Kit
1.21 MB